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TG & CD Groups and Networks

Crossdressing Picture Gallery
Crossdressing Picture Gallery

Lots of other Cross Dressers have already submitted their photos! Share your own snapshots, comment on photos and make friends on this fun and completely free web site. Great for new girls!

Transgender Picture Gallery
Transgender Picture Gallery

Lots of other Transgender people. Come view their personal web sites for free using their unique Search feature. If you want to add your personal site to the gallery, go to their enroll page. Your site will be listed in minutes.

Laura's Playground
Laura's Playground

Laura's Playground is a transsexual, transgendered, crossdressers support web site.

TG Forum transgender news
TG Forum

Blogs, news, editorials, and much, much more! TG Forum is full of news, tips, tricks, and editorials for the CD and TG community, and is updated every monday. TG Forum has been dedicated to the transgender community since 1996.

>TG fiction at BigCloset

Top shelf TG fiction in the BigCloset

Rose's Repartee

Rose's is a membership group set up by Martine Rose in 1989 to provide help and support for transvestites mainly through the publication of Repartee magazine. As Rose's rapidly grew to become the largest TG membership group in UK, Martine was joined by Bella Jay to help with the ever-increasing workload.
Though Rose's is based in S. Yorkshire, England, it is by no means just a local group as the membership is well spread throughout the British Isles with many overseas.

Susan's Place

Susan's Place Transgender Resources is a support resource for the transgender community which provides information of use to transsexuals, crossdressers, and their familes. Resources available include Chat, Links, Reference Library, Site Reviews, Forums, GRS surgeon reviews, Wiki, and much more.

The Gender Society

Welcome to The Gender Society (formerly Trannyweb), voted the Sparkle Awards Best Transgender Web Site 2008. The Gender Society is a major online community for crossdressers, transvestites, transsexuals, SO's and our admirers.

Laura's Playground

Laura's Playground is a transsexual, transgendered, crossdressers support site that offers hundreds of articles and suicide crisis assistance.

TransLiving International

Established in 1980, TransLiving International is a well-established group within the Transgender community with members all over Great Britain and other parts of the world. TransLiving aims to provide the friendship, support and advice that can sometimes be so hard to find.

The Crossdressers Secret Garden

Provides a support group for the Transgender & Cross Dressing communities, as well as their Wives/Partners. They hope this group will grow into a place where discussions of issues that not only our Partners face but also deal with the issues their mates may have.
This is a Yahoo! group site so you are required to sign in before viewing.

TG & CD Societies and Events

The Boston Belles

The Boston Belles is a transgendered support group open to any member of the Transgendered community, who dresses fully, as a member of the opposite gender and in a socially acceptable manner, that includes Cross dressers, Transsexuals & Transvestites, along with their wives or partners.

Nothern Concord

The Northern Concord is a social and self help group for Cross-dressers, Transvestites, Transsexuals and their wives or partners. The Group is based in Manchester, England.

The Beaumont Society

The Beautmont Society is the largest and longest established transgendered support group in the UK, and have developed a support network which has been at the forefront of the transgender, transvestite, transsexual and cross dressing community since 1966!


For over 5 years, Trans-MISSION provides a safe and sexy place for t-girls to enjoy themeslves. Over 200 t-girls (transvestites, cross-dressers and transexuals) and their friends and partners attend specialty events in London. Trans-MISSION continues to be provide a place where people of all genders and orientations can relax and enjoy themselves.

TransX Austrian TransGender Association

Austria's transgender asscoation, TransX, operates as the meeting place for all Transsexuals, Transvestites, Crossdressers and those who love them. Their web site is available in both English and German.


Founded in 2005, Sparkle is a celebration of gender diversity, an opportunity to make new friends and obtain help, support and information on gender issues. But above all it is our chance to be proud of who we are and show the world what being TG is all about. The most important person at Sparkle is you, this is your weekend so make the most of it and enjoy being yourself amongst friends!

TG & CD Services & Coaching


FemImage's Denaë Doyle provides instruction and consultation on enhancing your femininity. Her instruction concentrates on movement and poise for the Transgendered woman who wants to improve her image or redefine herself from the "man in a dress" to "truly feminine".

TG Photo Studio

Based in Farnworth, near Manchester, we offer exclusive T-girl studio photoshoots, with professional makeover if required. Printed photos and web images available and free web gallery included with every shoot.

TG & CD References

Transsexual Women's Resources

This site provides factual information, informed opinions, as well as personal narratives. There is also detailed information on surgery and physical body transformation for the male to female transsexual.

Personal Sites & Blogs

TV Dreams

Observations, musings on the world and culture of transgendered.

Breast Forms

Breast forms, Crossdresser nipples

Breast Forms


AMOLUX Breastforms

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